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Remembering the good old days of Western Music and the Silver Screen Cowboys like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and the Sons of the Pioneers, the High Country Cowboys present to you, their brand of this Classic Genre! Born and raised in Montana, the three brothers John, Joe and Marty were brought up in the heart of ranch country where the roads are all dirt, and the cows still out number the people! They grew up watching the old B-western films on VHS which instilled in them their love for the west and of course cowboy music. Since their beginning in 2014, they have been recognized by different associations across the country. Their lead singer Marty has been awarded as Western Music Associations 'Yodeler of the Year' 3 times and once with the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association. The PCCAA Also awarded the group as "Music Group of the Year" in 2017. They also received "Best Traditional Album of the Year" with the WMA IN 2017. Their traditional sound and three part western harmony has been compared to the Sons of the Pioneers and Marty Robbins.ntry. Their lead singer Marty has been awarded as Western Music Associations 'Yodeler of the Year' 3 times and once with the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association. The PCCAA Also awarded the group as "Music Group of the Year" in 2017. They also received "Best Traditional Album of the Year" with the WMA IN 2017. Their traditional sound and three part western harmony has been compared to the Sons of the Pioneers and Marty Robbins.


Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys

Smooth, Sultry and Seductive. Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys transport the listener to a bygone era of smokey nightclubs and speakeasy's. From Jazz, to Rock to Funk and Soul, Laura does it all.

Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys feature a unique blend of fresh, young vocal talent and versatile, experienced musicians. Through performances that are as much time travel as music events, Laura Velvet wows audiences with sultry tunes from torch singers of the 1960s as well as danceable hits of quintessential Motown girl groups.

Lisa Holman, a recent Music and French graduate from the University of Minnesota, plays the part of 1960's Torch Singer Laura Velvet with sizzle and style. From opera and collaborative concerts to studying abroad at the celebrated French Music Conservatory La Schola Cantorum, Lisa's college experience prepared her well for center stage. Starring at the Duluth Playhouse as Carla in Nine! The Musical, she was lauded by the Duluth News Tribune for bringing operatic flourishes to her performance as the seductive mistress. "Laura Velvet is the perfect fit for me at this stage in my career," says Lisa. "I love watching audiences react to this timeless music presented in an engaging show."

Lisa's vocal partners, the Velvettes, are played by Maija Elizabeth Tatro as Audrey Bordeaux and Cally Nielsen as Annie Blackbird. Born in Cloquet, Minnesota, Maija has a bachelor's degree in music from the University of Minnesota Duluth where she performed with vocal jazz group, Lake Effect, for four years. She's sung in music festivals in Ireland, the Manhattan Concert Productions Jazz Festival at the Apollo Theater in New York City and starred in four vocal jazz cabaret shows, serving as music director for one. "My family says I've been a performer since I first learned to talk," Maija confesses. "Audrey Bordeaux is different than any other character I've done, so I'm exploring new dimensions as an artist. I'm so fortunate to work with such amazing talent."

Cally Nielsen, a passionate singer, hails from the suburbs of Minneapolis. Growing up in a musical family, she started singing at a very young age alongside her father, a singer/songwriter. He instilled a love for music and creating music as an art form. Cally honed her technical skills in the University of Minnesota Duluth's prestigious Vocal Jazz program. "Music is my outlet for creative expression," Cally shares. "It's a way to connect with people through their heartstrings."

Duluth, Minnesota native Andrew Perfetti stars as Guitar-Slinger Lance Hammer. Over his 20+ years in music, Andrew has been a go-to player for acts across genres from metal to blues and jazz to reggae. His vision was the catalyst for forming Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys. Much of what you see on stage today came straight from Andrew's imagination. “This is such a great experience," he says. "I get to combine my love for music with my love of theatre and see my talented partners bring it all to life.”

John Heino plays the part of Jack Sloan, itinerant piano player and part-time private eye. John has traveled the country in show bands and other acts that ranged from rock and reggae to blues and jazz. "I've been doing this a long time and rehearsals have never been so much fun," John says. "Laura and the Velvettes have such passion for this music. Their energy is positively contagious."

Tal Linblad stars as Sebastian Haff, heartthrob and vintage bass man. From his youth in Salem, Oregon, playing cello, Tal has played just about everything with strings, including guitar and the last 12 years on bass. He's done blues, rock, funk, reggae and says Laura Velvet is all about "great musicians working hard to bring extraordinary entertainment to audiences looking for something more than a band."

Drummer Luke Perry plays Rex Dexter, shady musician and all-around ladies man. A Minnesota native, Luke has been a regular performing drummer for more than 30 years, laying down beats for nearly every genre of music. He's toured with national acts such as Becky Barksdale and shared the stage with a host of legendary performers. “I'm not endorsed by Mountain Dew, but I should be,” he claims.

Randy Lee, the newest Bookhouse Boy, plays a pivotal role as Reed Wilder, the sax wizard who sweetens Laura Velvet's iconic 1960's sound. Randy's been teaching and sharing music with his band and jazz students for decades. An acclaimed professional musician, big band leader and music educator, Randy has a resume spanning Dixieland, Latin, jazz and a wide range of contemporary genres. He and his bands have accompanied such national artists as the Four Tops, the Temptations, the Drifters, Bobby Vinton, Wayne Newton and the Mills Brothers.

Whether you're booking a special event or just want your entertainment to be special, Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys are ready to make you a hero. This complete show with soaring vocals, energetic music and dazzling costumes is guaranteed to please!


Ronnie McDowell

Ronnie McDowell has an amazing string of hit songs that he has amassed over the years, but it is his riveting stage presence and genuine warmth that fills the seats again and again. Like all great entertainers, Ronnie McDowell has a personality that remains luminous long after the lights go dim. These qualities have inspired a nationwide network of fan-clubs with thousands of members, each one a devoted promoter of everything McDowell does.

Following the death of Elvis Presley in 1977, Ronnie McDowell came out of nowhere to dazzle the world with his heartfelt and self-penned tribute song “The King Is Gone” on the independent Scorpion label. The record took off immediately, gaining airplay on country and pop stations across the country and around the world. To date, “The King Is Gone” has sold more than 5 Million copies.

All of a sudden, the young Vietnam Veteran from Portland, Tennessee was a star, and he quickly proved that he wasn’t just a one-trick pony. McDowell scored a second hit for the Scorpion label titled “I Love You, I Love You, I Love You” before being wooed and signed by CBS Records – Epic label in 1979.
Ronnie McDowell charted a string of hit singles and albums for Epic between 1979 and 1986. Every single release with the exception of just one became a Top 10 Hit including the chart toppers “Older Women” and “You’re Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation.” Other hits during his Epic years included “Watchin Girls Go By,” “Personally,”
“You Made A Wanted Man Of Me,” “All Tied Up,” and “In A New York Minute.”


Lonnie Bell
Bell was inducted into Country Radio Broadcasters Disc Jockey Hall of Fame in 2005. He is credited for discovering Loretta Lynn, and has personally known many of the earliest and biggest names in country music.

Now in his late 80s, Bell still has a weekly "Classic Country" program on KGHL Radio

Among the stars whose lives and careers would cross with Lonnie Bell was Charlie Pride, who at one time lived and entertained throughout Montana.

Plug Nickel

Cropped t  monty sealey  and mike morgan before the show in roundup  mt

The group The Crowdthinners was formed in the 1980's and disbanded after New Years Eve at 2015. One member retired, another joined, and we changed our name to "Plug Nickel". It's a four member group, that has opened countless shows for national acts such as Gene Watson, and T.G. Shepherd. We play mostly traditional country music, some new, and some old time rock and roll. Also, we do some original material. We do alot of clowning around on stage and have a ball. We like to involve the crowd in our shows.

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